The Client



Augusta Agnelli


Baton Rouge






For GILICO, a century-old insurance company established in Baton Rouge in 1926, shaping their deep-rooted history into a modern workspace was the driving force behind the design. After being purchased by their now-parent company, Kuvare, and moving into a new location in Baton Rouge, the company enlisted the assistance of architecture firm BY DAY and interior design firm Tiek & Co. to create a new space that tells their story well. Having relocated into an outdated office complex, the company wanted a bright, yet refined contemporary workspace with a focus on material longevity and stability. Collaborating with BY DAY, Tiek & Co. was able to transform what was once a closed-off, dated space into an open office plan conducive to 21st-century work.

The president of GILICO wanted a space that would not only convey the story of this historic firm, but also attract the next generation of bright, visionary employees. With this in mind, our design concepts started by introducing architecture and materials that would communicate both stability and longevity..

Typical of office spaces developed in the 1970s and 1980s, the new space was a maze of small offices, with the interior spaces lacking daylight and defined architectural character. Working closely with the company’s executive staff, our team developed a functional program to meet the space requirements for their new office. By opening the core of the space and adding glazing to the perimeter offices, we achieved the openness, natural daylighting, and circulation path that was sorely needed.

To help GILICO grow into the future while still honoring their robust past, we used a material palette of solid stone and natural maple, paired with contemporary textiles and modern furnishings and lighting. Designed as a focal point, a datum dividing the public and private spaces is clad in natural maple planks and holds historical artifacts from the beginning of their company. This materiality continues into their private workspace with a natural maple ceiling feature, a large stone communal worktable, and custom maple desks and storage tailored to each work area. These elements, selected for their durability and timelessness, work together to tell the GILICO story while also providing an elegant, modern work environment that will aid in the company’s continued expansion.