Camelia House

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Camelia House


Jacqueline Marque


Baton Rouge


BY DAY, Schneider & Associates



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Located on a prominent corner lot in a historic district of Baton Rouge, this Colonial Revival style home was built in the 1920s. With avenues lined in oak trees and historic homes dating from the early 1900s, the area is considered one of America’s great neighborhoods. Brought into the project at the start of construction, Tiek & Co. was asked to ensure that a new addition to the home would gracefully blend in with its historic character. Our thorough review of the plans led to interventions that would enhance functionality and refine architectural details. Together with our partner, architecture firm BY DAY, we executed a series of refinements and additions to both the exterior and interior architecture. An equally robust collaborative partnership with our clients allowed us to balance their personal aesthetic with design elements that spoke to the classic architecture.

Connections—both the physical passages linking the historic home to the new addition, and our clients’ strong relationships across the community—became a driving theme in building the design story. In joining the original house to the new addition, the clients wanted to ensure a seamless transition. As such, the great hall became a grand new passage and the heart of Camelia House. We continued the design vocabulary from the original house by adding arched casework at all the openings and classic molding panels to the two-story walls. Large-format Calcutta marble tile with a hint of warmth complemented the natural golden color of the original oak floors.

The original passage from the Camelia Street entrance, the lesser hall, was strategically designed to relate to the great hall while also gaining its own identity. Lacking natural light, a series of design elements were conceived to lighten the space. The front door, a custom design with leaded glass, filters sunlight into the room, while a high gloss lacquer finish on the walls and marble tiles amplifies the light with their reflectivity. An enfilade of classically styled pendants ends with a view of custom iron and marble demilunes flanking either side of the great hall.

The client’s love of green influenced the color and materiality in the dining room and sunroom. Deep green walls and a custom Calcutta Verde fireplace in the dining room are complemented by the whimsical choice of colorful Gucci wallpaper in the sunroom. Upstairs, in the master bathroom, the client’s desire for a dramatic, yet masculine feel was realized by enveloping the room in a bold, black and white marble tile. Custom iron mirrors and brass fixtures complete the refined sense of drama and add a cohesive visual element across all design solutions.