Providence House

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Providence House


Augusta Agnelli


Baton Rouge



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Situated in an intimate neighborhood enclave off Baton Rouge’s historic Highland Road, Providence House is about making a good space feel even better. Here, we encountered a design challenge we see often with clients: they have invested in a beautiful home and embarked upon minor updates themselves, before realizing they need professional assistance to meet their aesthetic goals. Already savvy to the design process, our clients’ busy schedules left them with little time for research, decision-making, and overseeing the work of contractors. They knew what they wanted, but also knew they needed help in the implementation.

One room in particular needed the Tiek & Co. expertise, from conception to implementation. Situated at the front of the home off the central foyer, the room was under-utilized, although it presented myriad options. The client wanted the space to function as a small, intimate gathering space—a place to unwind after work, enjoy a glass of wine and read, or host small groups for cocktails and conversation.

With a collaborative approach, we created a dark, moody space, with comfortable furnishings and a touch of drama. Due to the room’s small scale and high ceilings, furnishings were not only carefully chosen, but custom fabricated as needed. Art was highly important for this space, so we worked with our clients to commission a commanding piece for the room. As a result of these collaborations, the overall color palette was woven seamlessly across both the artwork and textiles.

As our client’s confidence grew, our commission expanded into other spaces: the powder room, dining room, living room, and foyer. Each space had existing elements that worked, and those that needed improvement; a common thread across each was a need for enhanced lighting. Tiek & Co. provided a series of discreet but notable design moves to weave a story of traditional elegance intertwined with modern art and lighting. The final result was a cohesive personal expression of the clients’ style and a distinctive experience for all visitors to their home.