We fundamentally believe in the power of design to tell stories, eliciting transformational experiences and emotional responses—a power we’ve seen not only in our clients’ lives, but in our own, as well. We are driven to create spaces that accurately convey how our clients want to feel, what they want to experience, and the story they want to tell within a space.

As interior and spatial design experts with broad perspectives and experiences, our goal is to create spaces that evoke a feeling or create a small—or seismic—shift within. We believe in guiding clients toward concept-driven, risk-taking designs in order to fully illuminate the personality of a space and to create transformational experiences for the people who will inhabit it.


Tiek & Co. provides interior and spatial design—what might be thought of as interior architecture. Often working closely with the project architect, we develop thoughtful and expertly conceptualized solutions to design challenges, reimagining and revising the way spaces are utilized for ease of living or business operations. Our process involves a heavy dose of programming with the client to figure out their desires and needs, so as to draw out their vision and allocate the proper space sizes and locations within a building. 

Our design process is collaborative, incorporating schematic design and development, highly detailed mechanics, creative play, and even elements of psychology. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, such as 3D walkthroughs, hand perspectives, and photorealistic renderings, we create highly technical, detailed visualizations for our clients. This tech-forward approach allows us to ensure that our re-envisioning of the space exceeds the client’s needs and expectations, setting the stage for ongoing, long-term client relationships.

the team


Cindy is a NCIDQ-certified interior designer, and a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). She is certified by the Louisiana state board of interior design.

Born in Baton Rouge to a family of artists, Cindy’s lifelong passion for art and design is the guiding force that led her to pursue a second career as an interior designer after a successful first career as an engineer. As a result, Cindy holds bachelor’s degrees in both chemical engineering and interior design from Louisiana State University; the second degree was completed alongside her daughter and co-founder, Bridget. After graduation, Cindy worked for Kenneth Brown Design before founding Tiek & Co. with Bridget in 2017.

With her dual background in art and engineering, Cindy is particularly adept in detail-oriented and highly technical problem-solving, a critical asset in interior design. She is a skilled editor, able to sift through creative ideas or visual noise, selecting only the most potent parts. Cindy has a passion for historic residence and building renovations, creating sensitive design solutions that respect the architectural integrity of the building while updating it to meet modern functional needs.


Licensed by the Louisiana state board of interior design and NCIDQ-certified, Bridget is an interior designer with a specialization in luxe residential, hospitality, and creative workspaces.

Bridget was raised in an environment full of art, crafts, homemade costumes, and flea markets, where she honed her ability to scour for one-of-a-kind antiques and furnishings. Having begun her studies at Louisiana State University in graphic design, Bridget’s discovery of her true passion for interior design coincided with her mother’s similar realization, and the two completed their degrees simultaneously. Bridget worked with the firms Ty Larkins Interiors and Monochrome prior to founding Tiek & Co. with Cindy in 2017.

A conceptualist with an endless wellspring of ideas, Bridget is known for her intuitive eye for schematic and spatial design. To help envision spaces that speak to the brand or client’s personality, she visualizes and sketches design solutions quickly and effortlessly. Aesthetically eclectic, Bridget is drawn to a refined blend of contemporary and traditional influences, with an occasional flair for dramatic statements. She aims to create spaces that are experiential, eliciting emotion in the participant.


Kathryn is a NCIDQ-certified designer, licensed by the Louisiana state board of interior design, and a professional member of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA)

Raised by an interior designer and chemical engineer, she possesses a strong technical approach to design. With a bachelor’s degree in interior design and a minor in fine art from Louisiana State University College of Interior Design, her studies in sculptural art led to her love for spatial and three-dimensional design, which manifests now in her keen eye for spatial design. Before joining Tiek & Co., Kathryn worked in commercial design for Grace Hebert Architects and owned her own business, where she focused on residential design. 

Kathryn is inspired by the power of design to affect a user’s mentality. A natural problem-solver who values quality of life above all else when it comes to design, she strives to create functional spaces that improve the quality of experience in the space. Kathryn is aesthetically drawn to blends of the modern and traditional that incorporate rich textures and soft materials to create soothing, eclectic, and above all, functional spaces.


A 2021 graduate of the Louisiana State University College of Interior Design, Macy is an associate designer working toward her NCIDQ certification.

Her design work focuses on bars, restaurants, and boutique hotels. Due to her love of math, Macy initially intended to earn her degree in Petroleum Engineering. However, her university studies soon revived an early passion for clothing design, art, and interiors, leading her to turn toward interior design.

Given her mathematical background and skill, Macy sees interior design as a complementary intermingling of all her interests: the creative, the inventive, and the technical. Macy is inspired by spaces that make us want to return again and again, spaces that call out to us, urging us to linger and contemplate.

Our BY DAY partnersHIP

In order to create spaces that are highly functional, visually evocative, and experientially powerful, we prefer to collaborate as early in the project as possible alongside a collective of designers whose focus includes architecture, landscape, construction, and art. 

As such, Tiek & Co. partners with the architecture firm BY DAY to provide comprehensive residential and commercial design developed from a project’s inception through to completion. By working together in a truly multidisciplinary approach, Tiek & Co. and BY DAY provide clients with a cohesive, holistic design that seamlessly marries interior and exterior aesthetics of each project. 

Through our complementary studio approach, we are able to create turnkey solutions, in particular for large, complex projects. Our collaboration results in a project so carefully thought out from all perspectives that it reduces error and allows for a fluid interplay across interior design and architecture.