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casa terrace renovation before & after part 1

Hey friends! Bridget here.
We have finally wrapped up the renovation portion of the casa terrace project! Thankfully, we snapped some pictures with our fabulous photographer friend, Jordan Hefler, just minutes before we unloaded the moving truck full of our JUNK. These picture were also taken at 99%  completion... not all the mirrors, lighting, hardware, etc were in yet, but I really wanted to show y'all the spaces without said junk in the way!  As we design and furnish these rooms, they will all be re-photographed :) 

terrace lighting


We're back with a quick post on the lighting scheme at our casa terrace renovation! Going to keep this short and sweet because I know most of you are here for the pictures anyway :P

Anytime we're picking out a lighting scheme for an entire house we like there to be consistency. I hate walking through a house and there are feature lights of every style, color, type.  It looks.... schizophrenic, for lack of a better word.  Keeping your metal tones consistent is one of the easiest ways for a consistent look. But in this case we picked two tones to use throughout the majority of the house: black and brass. The black and brass is not only consistent through out the lighting, but with most of the metals used through the entire house (plumbing, hardware, etc). 

Because the living areas are all open to each other, it was also necessary to find balance in the scale and drama of the fixtures. It's easy to fall in love and go wild with statement fixtures in every room, but if everything is a statement, nothing is a statement. We honed in on where we really wanted a focal point, like the dining room and formal living, and then pulled back in the back den(media room), completely withheld fixtures over the island/peninsula, and opted for an oversized pendant over the banquet. 


lighting plan.jpg

1.   2.   3.   4.
5.   6.   7.   8.
9.  10. 11. 12.

(if you're in BR area, #3, #9, #10 available at Monochrome!)

To aid in the process of picking fixtures, we often do a  digital mood board using finishes and sometimes furnishing in the house to help visualize the entire look. Below is a quick mood board we made with finishes when working on the living space lighting fixtures. 

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terrace bathroom finishes


I am dreaming about getting to one day use this masterbath room! It can't come soon enough (we're so close, which means its about time I showed you all what's going on in here).

Aside from the overall layout of the master bath, it's hard to decide what I'm dying over the most. But let's start with the stone. For the countertops I chose a beautiful slab of white marble called "Everest".. I searched online to see other images on Everest and it looks nothing like it. The veining is a light/medium grey but very defined and distinct. To me it closely resembled some of the Lincoln white marble slabs I had seen, BUT without the high price tag. SOLD. This was priced similarly to a Carrara Marble, but I am over the busy-ness of Carrara! (sorry all one million of you who just installed Carrara)



The plumbing fixtures have to be next in line to talk about because I have probably been talking about these faucets since last April when I made the executive decision that I HAD to have them. The entire masterbath suite is fixed with the Brixo Litze line in the gold finish. It is incredible. I adore the fine details of this line. It is architectural and industrial, while extremely elegant. The knurled metal levers just do it for me.

The cabinetry is a simple shaker style with raised leg detail, and a shallow upper for added storage since this is a fairly small masterbath! The floor is this black 1" hexagon mosaic, that wraps up the wall as the baseboard and runs though to the shower. The wet room (shower/tub area) walls have a white bevelled subway tile that was actually gifted to me from one of my designer friends project (THANK YOU! You know who you are!). The wall sconces are from Cedar and Moss whom I love because their fixtures are made from solid brass!  



The powder bathroom was fairly simple to design. The existing floors were screaming to be in a dark and dramatic environment. Black painted plaster walls, Nero Marquina for the floating lavatory, and floor to ceiling black penny round in the shower. Add brass accents, like this CB2 mirror, these light fixtures and DONE! 


 I'm starting to shop for towels, hardware, and bath accessories now! I've linked a few items that I'm looking at as well as some of the fixtures I chose for these baths below!

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terrace powder bath intro

original floor tile in terrace powder room

original floor tile in terrace powder room


They are the perfect place to do something funky because they are small but you can go high impact. The "powder room" at Terrace is not necessarily a powder room because it does have a shower, but we are treating it as one because it is the main bath off the living space and it's very small!  The original floors are a green/cream rhombus mosaic, which is so retro but also very on trend right now (*SEE BELOW*) To me they are classic, and fabulous and obviously I'm digging green so they are staying put!


I love a dark moody room, and that's what I think these gorgeous floors demand. High drama. Green, black and gold. Although completely separate, it has a good relation ship to the kitchen/media with the green. I love consistency and flow through out a house. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same exact colors/finish selections through out, but it does need to relate! 




Below are some more before photos of the powder room:

recipe: Zuppa Toscona

The weather has finally dropped a few degrees, which is more than enough to get some serious cravings for fall foods: roasted root veggies, soups, chili, etc. I've already roasted several pumpkins, two chickens and tons of root veggies.  I had plenty of leftover chicken and veggies so I decided to make my own chicken stock, which really secured my soup craving. A quick look around the fridge/pantry and I had the fixins for an Italian kale soup. 




This recipe is so easy: chop, sauté and simmer - that's it. The hardest part of it is waiting til you get to eat it. 




  • 32-40 oz chicken stock (homemade is best!) 
  • large onion
  • 4 medium Yukon potatoes
  • kale (roughly 3-4 cups)
  • 1 lb Ground Italian sausage 
  • garlic
  • bay leaf
  • cream or half n half
  • red pepper flakes


  1. cho the onion and garlic finely
  2. cube the potatoes and set aside
  3. saute the onions until transparent in a Dutch oven. Add garlic and Italian sausage.  
  4. once sausage is cooked, add remaining ingredients and simmer on low for an hour or two.
  5. season to taste: salt, pepper, onion/garlic powder, Italian seasonings  
  6. top off with a little cream and red pepper flakes  


mstrbath inspo.jpg

No surprise here, the masterbath is going to be black and white. I tried to go another direction (in fear that I may bore you all...) but I'm just so attracted to those colors, can't fight it! 

The floor plan of the space was worked and re-worked to death for such a small space. The main determining element of the size of the master bath was an existing structural beam in the old garage space. It hit exactly where the master bath wall separates from the master bedroom, so we framed in around it so it wouldn't be seen. From that beam forward the ceiling begins to slope down to a lower height, which is why we arranged the cabinetry, toilet, and tub all along that wall. Because of the tight space, we decided on making a wet room: when the tub and shower are in the same room (NOT the same as TUB/SHOWER though!) I have always loved this concept and can't wait to let Evie go hog-wild in the tub! :P

master floorplan.jpg

terrace kitchen + media cabinet = dilemma!

My plan was to introduce each room on its own, but in reality the kitchen, media, dining and living room all relate and rely on each other! A single decision in one room can seriously affect the look of the neighboring room when they are all open to each other. I always tell clients that one small change has the potential to cause a snowball affect of changes down the line of a project. Well... I just went through that myself on this house due to a lack of budget (SAD FACE SAD FACE SAD FACE). So in total transparency let me show you the cause/effect of changing one single finish from my experience!!

We are acting as the contractor, therefore we guesstimated the costs of each line item until we sent out and received real quotes. For the most part we were fairly accurate, but I was a good bit off on my cabinetry estimate! I thought I had room in the budget to splurge on some fancy flat panel wood veneer in the media room cabinets.... but once I started getting quotes I realized it was a bit more of a splurge than I could handle (cough cough *afford*). I cried a whole lot inside but had to quickly move on and make a decision on the new cabinet style. I was so set on that specific veneer that a regular stained wood cabinet was not going to cut it, and I knew I should just switch them to paint grade like the kitchen (and its cheaper!).

media wall cabinet being installed

media wall cabinet being installed

Because the two rooms are open to each other the [next] best choice was for the cabinetry style to match… but here lies the issue. I had picked BRIGHT green for my kitchen cabinet paint. The media cabinet wall is huge - way too big to be painted bright green.  SO it was time to start re-thinking the paint color in the kitchen so it would be suitable for both. 

File Oct 23, 7 22 04 PM.jpeg

Cindy and I went back and forth between black paint and dark green paint. We used some of the trial cabinet doors to test out colors.

*also, notice the difference between a regular shaker (on the right) and the "double shaker" on our doors? I LOVE how they turned out*


I ended up choosing the dark green. It's so close to black, but with a little more interest. It is way less of a commitment than the original bright green and it reads like a neutral. But now we still have to figure out the stain on the wood floors. I had always envisioned a dark black stain, but with the newest change I am contemplating a natural/bleached look? And if I change the floors I will re-think the rugs I was looking into for the media room.... See what I mean by snowball effect?? 



Progress shots:

we still need to do some samples of the wood floor stains. Cast your vote on what you think it should be in the comments below!

- Bridget

Casa Terrace Kitchen Intro + Progress

We started this project as a potential flip, but quickly after working on it, I knew this was going to be my next home. I had been drawing up plans to add on to our current house...for years. First it was going to be a simple master suite added on to the back, but then I realized I wanted more living space so I added another floor to it. We were so close to starting that addition when Terrace became available. I pretty much fell in love with the windows and the larger sized yard, especially since we have two Great Danes and a baby on the way (who is now here)! So we tossed the addition plans and set forth designing Terrace to our specific taste, rather than a flip! 

When renovating an old house, I feel like the kitchen design sets the tone for the rest of the house. I guess that old cliche saying "the kitchen is the heart of the home" is true. So I decided that was the best place to start! 

kitchen inspo.jpg


I gathered up the pictures that inspired a lot of the design decisions in this kitchen. When looking at them as a whole, they look pretty un-related. So I pin-pointed the driving factors in each inspiration photo.  To summarize, here are the main features I am going for:

  • DARK + MOODY! I painted my current kitchen/dining black and I love it. No all white kitchen here!
  • Modern with a traditional twist. I think the middle/top row picture captures that vibe perfectly. Also, the way the overlay detail runs across drawers/doors was a huge factor in my cabinet design. More on that later.
  • A little bit of color (green). If you know me personally, then you are probably aware of my love for everything black/white. I have been drawn to more color lately, which is WAY different for me. I'm going for it though!
  • Herringbone floors. Most of these images have them. And almost every other kitchen I was drawn to had them. Obviously I need them. They also play into that modern but classic/traditional look.

So let's recap the floorpan a little. 


And show a little progress!


More progress pictures and finish selections coming up soon!


Casa Terrace Interior *BEFORE*

Wanna see how wonderful Terrace is before we even lay our hands on it? K. Let's jump right in.

  1. Cozy (closterphobic) porch
  2. Living room - facing the front door,
  3. Living room - facing the fireplace (to the left when you walk in front door)
  4. Dining room - this is your direct view when you walk in the front door
  5. kitchen
  6. further into the kitchen,
  7. powder bath / downstairs bath
  8. a bedroom (they pretty much all look the same)
  9. downstairs hallway 

Here's the basic existing floor plan:


It has great bones right? IT DOES. My favorite thing is the beautiful steel windows sans trim. A few need some serious rehabbing after they were cut up for window units, but they will be saved!

  The floorplan of the house is good, but it is missing a true master suite.  We knew we needed to take in the garage to make a master suite, but this would make it a 5 bedroom house. 5 bedrooms was too much for that small of living space, so we turned bedroom 2 into additional living space (labeled as keeping/media room below). We opened up some walls to make the kitchen appear larger without really adding any extra square footage. If you look closely there are still partial walls in place (between dining/kitchen and keeping/dining) because we are mimicking the arched opening that goes between the dining and living room.