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Say hello to our newest project, Casa Terrace!


She is a beauty. Seriously, squint those eyes and use your imagination.. SO. MUCH. POTENTIAL. I have already taken some friends on a tour and I could totally tell that they were like “UHHHH, BRIDGET… this is a dump” and I’m all gleaming like “IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL.” But really, it’s just old and needs some love. It was pretty bare bones to begin with, so it’s not like there are layers and layers of outdatedness to remove. Only one layer of outdatedness because it’s been virtually unchanged since it was built in the 1930s. 

Although one of the main characteristics(the clay roof) has been removed, Casa Terrace was built in the Spanish mission style. The clay roof is still way up there on the two story section, but it’s not as noticeable and it deeply saddens me. WAH. Other characteristics of the mission style architecture are arches, small balconies, ironwork, and [white] stucco facades… all of which are still seen, YAY.

Our goal with exterior is to keep the historic style while updating with a more modern look. Number one on that agenda is to clean up the landscaping. You can’t even see the fabulous steel windows on the first OR second floor because of that massive and totally untamed shrub. ITS GOTTA GO. I’ve got some rough ideas, (tall, skinny trees flanking the windows on the brick portion, very structured/ scupltural plants, potted plants flanking the front door) but the landscape usually lays in the hands of Gregory. 

Next up is to brighten up the whole thing with some fresh white paint. I’ve played with the idea of leaving the brick as is, because it is light toned, but ultimately I think it will all be painted the same color. Typically the clay tile roof brings in a nice contrast, but since its been removed, we are going to bring in some extra contrast with black details (doors, windows, etc). Also, I’m loving the idea of some black/white awnings over the window for added contrast and fabulousness (SUP HOLLYWOOD REGENCY? YOU MAY HAVE NO PLACE HERE BUT LET’S GET WEIRD AND DO IT ANYWAY).

The “widow’s walk”/balcony  railing is not up to code so the original ironwork is not going to cut it. To keep the historic nature in tact, we thought about just adding to the railing, but I think it’s going to look like we added to it and look cheap. A more modern railing design is more to my liking anyway, so coming up with a new, cleaner design is in the works. 

Lastly, you will notice that the garage doors have been removed in my drawing below. We are taking in the garage to become a master suite. We also removed the screening on the porch and screen door making the small porch more open and the steel windows more visible. 

We're excited to share this journey with you and hope you follow along! Pics of the interior coming SOON!