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We're back with a quick post on the lighting scheme at our casa terrace renovation! Going to keep this short and sweet because I know most of you are here for the pictures anyway :P

Anytime we're picking out a lighting scheme for an entire house we like there to be consistency. I hate walking through a house and there are feature lights of every style, color, type.  It looks.... schizophrenic, for lack of a better word.  Keeping your metal tones consistent is one of the easiest ways for a consistent look. But in this case we picked two tones to use throughout the majority of the house: black and brass. The black and brass is not only consistent through out the lighting, but with most of the metals used through the entire house (plumbing, hardware, etc). 

Because the living areas are all open to each other, it was also necessary to find balance in the scale and drama of the fixtures. It's easy to fall in love and go wild with statement fixtures in every room, but if everything is a statement, nothing is a statement. We honed in on where we really wanted a focal point, like the dining room and formal living, and then pulled back in the back den(media room), completely withheld fixtures over the island/peninsula, and opted for an oversized pendant over the banquet. 


lighting plan.jpg

1.   2.   3.   4.
5.   6.   7.   8.
9.  10. 11. 12.

(if you're in BR area, #3, #9, #10 available at Monochrome!)

To aid in the process of picking fixtures, we often do a  digital mood board using finishes and sometimes furnishing in the house to help visualize the entire look. Below is a quick mood board we made with finishes when working on the living space lighting fixtures. 

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