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mstrbath inspo.jpg

No surprise here, the masterbath is going to be black and white. I tried to go another direction (in fear that I may bore you all...) but I'm just so attracted to those colors, can't fight it! 

The floor plan of the space was worked and re-worked to death for such a small space. The main determining element of the size of the master bath was an existing structural beam in the old garage space. It hit exactly where the master bath wall separates from the master bedroom, so we framed in around it so it wouldn't be seen. From that beam forward the ceiling begins to slope down to a lower height, which is why we arranged the cabinetry, toilet, and tub all along that wall. Because of the tight space, we decided on making a wet room: when the tub and shower are in the same room (NOT the same as TUB/SHOWER though!) I have always loved this concept and can't wait to let Evie go hog-wild in the tub! :P

master floorplan.jpg